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Long term Training course on Global Education

14-24 July 2016
(Maputo , Mozambique) – first training

1-11 December 2016 (Busteni, Romania) - second training

Background of the project:

Global education is education that opens people’s eyes to the realities of the world, and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and human rights for all. Global education opens people’s eyes to visions of a more just and equitable interdependent world, and empowers them to participate in its emergence.

The methodology of Global Education
focuses on supporting active learning and encouraging reflection with active participation of learners and educators. It celebrates and promotes diversity and respect for others and encourages learners to make their choices in their own context in relation to the global context.

This project was created (by A.R.T. Fusion Association) to answer
to a need that was detected in our global society where the efforts for N-S cooperation among youth structures, exchange and mutual initiatives are not being supported enough. This project will offer the opportunity for youth workers and leaders to explore deeper global topics, interdependency and sustainably, as well how to bring these important dimensions in their work, to their beneficiaries trough advance facilitation and training skills (necessary for a quality management of global education processes)

involved in the project are coming from Romania, Italy, Spain (from Europe side) and Mozambique, Tanzania and Togo (from Africa Side)

The main goal of the project
is to increase the capacity of youth organizations to raise the level of global citizenship competencies among young people in European and African societies

More specific objectives are:

 ·         To trigger positive organizational changes in youth organizations (to have a more green and sustainable organization, to implement more sustainable and ethical projects and activities, to tackle more global issues in their projects);
·         To increase the level of quality and professionalization in local and international (focus on intercontinental) projects for the youth organization involved;
·         To encourage the youth organization to diversify their approach in working with young people by the inspiration they get from exchange of best practices in youth work (in intercontinental context);
·         To increase the knowledge level of youth workers and young people in topics like: global interdependencies (from cultural, economic and political approach), post 2015 agenda, social and global justice, intercultural learning, human rights, climate change and other environment topics, responsible consumerism and sustainable lifestyle, sustainable development
·         To develop youth workers skills in managing global education methods: experiential learning, non-formal education methods, etc.

·         To develop youth workers advanced facilitations skills required in managing global education process and transferable to other type of educational activities;

To stimulate the internalization of global values (as solidarity, global consciences, responsibility, etc.) to young people and youth workers
·         To encourage participation and involvement of young people in global processes;
·         To develop youth workers practical skills in developing global citizenship competencies in their own communities;

·         To increase the level of sustainable life styles of young people, youth workers and youth organizations; ·         To empower and motivate the youth workers to act as global education facilitators in their own organization and regions; 

Dynamic of the project:

 1)                   First Training –Maputo (Mozambique) – 14th – 24th July 2016 – to develop basic competencies in global citizenship, global education and facilitation.

 2)                 Practice phase IAugust-November 2016 – all the multipliers are going back to their countries and they will have to prepare and implement workshops on global education for at least 200 people.

 3)                 Second Training Course for advanced competencies in global education in Romania between 1-11December 2016 – based on their practice phase the multipliers will go through an intensive second training for completing their competencies in global education.

 4)                  Practice phase II January – March 2017– multipliers continue their practice phase, each team will have to prepare and implement more global education workshops for at least 100 people

 5)                Evaluation meeting – Spain (May- dates to be decided later) – one multiplier will go to this meeting   

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