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Partir dans un pays étranger dont nous ne connaissions pas la culture est évidement une chose très délicate et à laquelle je partais avec un peu...
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ANIMATE THE GLOBAL CHANGE aims to raise the capacity of youth organizations from Europe and Africa to contribute to a cohesive sustainable society through alternative innovative methodology (street campaigning methods: participative or performing arts, living library and other techniques that could reach more young people)
More specific objectives:
• To provide a space for sharing best practices among youth organizations in Africa-Europe.
• To set-up the bases for a street campaigning network active on both continents.
• To increase the level of innovation, professionalism and creativity in youth work field.
• To stimulate long term involvement of beneficiaries youth organizations in international (and intercontinental) projects.
• To stimulate mobility of youth workers between and within continents.
• To develop strong pro-active attitudes towards social exclusion and global issues among the beneficiaries, and to increase the knowledge level of young people and youth workers in topics like: global interdependencies, climate change, sustainable life style, consumerism, social and global justice, social exclusion, etc.
• To motivate all the beneficiaries to act as responsible active global citizens in their daily life.
The structure of the project is to combine international mobility and local activities. Each international meeting will be followed by local activities as follows:
- Kick-off meeting, in Tanzania.
- First training on street campaigning, in Togo.
- Street campaigning on a topic relevant for each community.
- Second training for assessment of first street campaign and advance competencies, in Romania.
- Second edition of the street campaign.
- Final evaluation meeting, in Madeira.
- Local dissemination and follow-up activities.

The process of the project is driven by the experiential learning principles, having a very strong practical components and adequate time and methods for reflection, feedback, self-assessment and extraction of the learning points that will be transferred in the future. The values of non-formal education  are intended to be part of the process of the management as well.

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